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F.P. Journe Quantième Perpétuel

Elegant technique and mechanical brilliance for the watchmaking master François-Paul Journe

The perpetual calendar is one of the most exciting complications in traditional watchmaking, with a mechanism that automatically takes into account the duration of the months to display the exact date, even and especially in the leap year cycle. A magic that, in order to constantly update itself over the course of four years, requires a device, consisting of gears and levers, that recites from memory the length of the months, of 30 and 31 days, as well as differentiating the month of February, with the canonical 28 that become 29 days during the leap year Then we move on to 1 March and everything returns to normal.

The ‘rule’ of 2100, 2200 e 2300

A solution that respects the cadences dictated by the Gregorian calendar, the last rule of which, to allow for the correct alternation of days, concerns the centenary years not divisible by 400, which lose their status as leap years, thus requiring manual updating by the lucky users of perpetual calendar clocks. For all of them, the next date with that correction will fall in 2100…


40 mm
Calendario perpetuo
300 m
1300-3 Automatico
materiali cassa
Oro rosso
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F.P. Journe’s interpretation of the perpetual calendar

The Quantième Perpétuel di Maison F.P. Journe segue tecnicamente e meccanicamente le procedure citate in precedenza, presentandosi con eleganza e stile all’appuntamento con l’indicazione del giorno, ripartita su un arco di tempo di 1461 days (this is the sum of three years of 365-day duration and the leap year, which counts an extra day), introducing the effective instant date system. In fact, the date is updated, within the relevant windows, quickly and absolutely, by means of a device that stores energy, releasing it instantaneously as it passes midnight.

F.P. Journe

The dial

Thanks to this system, information travels regularly on the dial of the Quantième Perpétuel, in the Boutique Collection edition when the base colour is blue. A mechanical metronome that is activated from the large date display, marked on tens and units, to the small red hand, almost hidden by the central hour and minute hands, which analogically illustrates the leap year, marked by the red letter L on the reference portion of the dial. Completing the ensemble is the graduated power reserve sector, positioned at 9 o’clock.

The case and mechanics

Easy and intuitive to adjust, the Quantième Perpétuel proposed by F.P. Journe has a 40 mm or 42 mm diameter and 10.85 mm thick case in red gold or platinum, with a polished or satin finish. Through the large circular sapphire crystal porthole in the case back, one can admire the calibre 1300-3, with bridges and plate made of pink gold. With a diameter of 30.40 mm and a thickness of 6.20 mm, the self-winding mechanism has a 22-carat gold rotor that provides a power reserve of between 150 and 170 hours, while the variable-inertia balance works at 21.600 hourly alternations.

F.P. Journe
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